Who We Are

Home to Own LLC of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a private for-profit Real Estate Investing Company founded in 1999.

Our company acquires, refurbishes and lease’s residential and commercial real estate.
We initially started the company with the goal of providing affordable rental housing in the Milwaukee and surrounding areas. We are not Realtors but invest in real estate as private investors.

What We Do

Home To Own LLC’s developed and created a home ownership programs and techniques such as Rent To Own agreements, which allows a resident to make an initial option deposit and subsequent monthly deposit while leasing and occupying the home of their dreams!! That way, our residents make progress toward home ownership because, while the option deposits are non-refundable, a portion of the rent is credited toward the sale price of the home, which is set when the agreement is signed.

While living in what will eventually be your home, our clients can build equity, repair their credit, establish a reputable financial managements history and ultimately become qualified for a standard home mortgage.

Our residents understand and appreciate that Home To Own LLC has demonstrated a strong commitment to part of the community whose housing needs have been badly undeserved and where few realistic options have been available to those seeking and capable of home ownership.

As a final note, Home To Own LLC not only physically improves the neighborhood and communities we also provides affordable housing but by the very nature of doing business, we help the local economy by providing work for contractors, realtors, mortgage companies and other related businesses.

Contact our office and we can make your dreams of home ownership available for you